June 6, 2021
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According to IMDB, Chris has a new project he is working on called “On Our Way” where he will be playing Teenage Henry and the project is currently in post-production. You can read what it is about below:

A troubled young filmmaker battles a dark voice inside his head; can a mysterious muse illuminate his way out of it?

I am so glad Chris is working again after the crazy year we all had. I’m excited to see this!

August 5, 2020
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Great news! Season 1 of “The Kids Are Alright” is back today on Hulu after demand for it’s return. We’ve been told that Hulu will be watching to see how many streams the show continues to get so please keep streaming the series!! It would be incredible if it leads to a season 2 pick up at Hulu.

May 18, 2020
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News has been slow with the COVID-19 outbreak and everything being shut down, but we’re still here and look forward to what Chris does next once things are back to normal. I’ll be working on uploading screencaps from The Kids Are Alright to our gallery in the next few days, so keep checking back! I hope everyone is staying safe and wash your hands! 😉

February 19, 2020
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According to a tweet by series creator Tim Doyle, the show will be getting a DVD release! This is awesome news!! I’ll post when we get a pre-order or release date.

September 25, 2019
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We’re still here!! I’m going to be working on getting screencaps of Chris’ past projects and TKAA screencaps as well, so stay tuned. 🙂

May 29, 2019

Now that ABC has “fully and finally cancelled” Whiskey Cavalier — and before the window of opportunity closes for the network to rethink another of its more dubious decisions — may I suggest that it make haste and un-axe The Kids Are Alright?

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit upfront that I’d implore ABC to reconsider dumping the 1970s-set series even if it didn’t make (dollars and) sense to do so. Tim Doyle’s sweet, tart comedy is the rare show that’s considered must-see TV by my entire household, a veritable Whitman’s Sampler of viewers that ranges from Deadliest Catch fans to Game of Thrones devotees. For us to agree on anything, much less anything TV-related, is as rare an occurrence as Kids’ straight-arrow Frank seeing eye to eye with sneaky Joey.

But the fact is, a renewal for the show is — or should be — a no-brainer. In the coveted 18-49 demo, it finished its freshman season well ahead of black-ish, which was renewed, and way ahead of Fresh Off the Boat, which (much to Constance Wu’s chagrin) was also renewed. Kids also came in third overall (and first among ABC’s comedy casualties) in the recent TVLine poll that asked viewers which cancelled series most deserved to be saved.

To anyone who’s tuned in to the show, that last bit will come as no surprise. Kids isn’t just a gem, it’s a polished one that’s served Mary McCormack what may be the role of her career in Peggy Cleary, a mother of eight whose reluctance to indulge in love that isn’t tough has as much to do with her big heart as it does her huge family. And I could say something just as nice about every last member of the cast, from Caleb Foote, who elevates goofiness to an art form as Eddie, to little Santino Barnard, who makes next-to-youngest son Pat such an endearing weirdo.

And I — all of us who’ve watched Kids — want to see what happens next, in Peggy’s evolution through her friendship with Eddie’s independent-minded girlfriend Wendi, in Lawrence’s romance with an older woman, in Timmy’s pursuit of fame and fortune. Well, in his pursuit of fame, anyway. (Ventriloquism, we fear he’ll find, isn’t exactly a cash cow.) Above all, we want the forward-thinking nostalgia trip to last long enough to usher in the “changed, more accepting world” that was promised by its premiere. So hurry up, ABC, and do right by Kids — and its enthusiastic fan base — before your options on the cast expire in June.


May 17, 2019
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It’s not always easy to fall in love with a comedy.

The Kids Are Alright is an exception. This show is smart, funny, and relatable.

ABC’s decision to cancel this show was heartbreaking. It still has a lot of life in it, and hopefully, another network will pick it up.

The first rule for any comedy is that it has to be funny.

The Kids Are Alright gets that right. Mike’s one-liners offer laugh-out-loud moments several times an episode, and the interplay of different personalities makes this show as laugh-out-loud funny as it is poignant.

Each of the eight kids has a distinct personality, except for baby Andy, who is too young to have much of a personality at all, and none of them quite fit their parents’ idea of what their life with kids is supposed to be like.

That’s what makes this show such comedy gold. It’s funny while also making serious points (sometimes), yet never takes itself so seriously that it jars viewers out of the story.

Peg and Mike may never be parents of the year, but it’s impressive that they’re able to function as well as they can considering that at any given moment, at least two of their boys are getting into some sort of mischief about which they have no clue!

And Peg has to put up with Mike too, who has a definite idea of how things should be and sometimes seems more like a ninth kid than the family breadwinner.

For example, who can forget The Kids Are Alright Season 1 Episode 3 when Mike brought a microwave home from work and proceeded to see how much of a mess he could make blowing up food items that weren’t supposed to be microwaved?

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May 17, 2019
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Welcome to Chris Richards Fan! We are the first fan site on the incredible actor, Christopher Paul Richards. You probably know him as Joey Cleary on The Kids Are Alright or from “Me, Myself and I” to name a few. I made this fan site to show my support for Chris and his career and also keep other fans posted on his new projects, news, etc. I hope you like our theme that was designed by my friend Kaci and I wanted it to be dedicated to the incredible show “The Kids Are Alright” especially now as we try to save the show and get it picked up by a new network. You can also follow our site’s fansite on Twitter!

I still have a lot of content and photos to add to the gallery but I really wanted to get the site online so I’ll continue catching up and adding things over the next few days/weeks.

May 17, 2019
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The Tim Doyle-created The Kids Are Alright has been canceled by ABC.

Penned and executive produced by the former Last Man Standing showrunner, the first season of the 1970s-set ensemble comedy premiered October 16 last year and is scheduled to wrap up on May 21 in what will now be a series finale.

Following a very traditional Irish-Catholic family in suburban L.A. amidst the hangover from the 1960s, parents Mike (Michael Cudlitz) and Peggy (Mary McCormack) are overwhelmed raising eight boys and are hit by a figurative truck when oldest son Lawrence (Sam Straley) returns home to declare he’s quitting the seminary to “save the world.”

As Doyle stated repeatedly when the show was picked up by the Disney-owned net to series in 2018, the TKAA is inspired by his family and childhood with fifth son Timmy (Jack Gore) essentially playing the EP as a boy.

Ratings for The Kids Are Alright have been a bit all over the map since its debut, which started strong among the 18-49 demographic, then eroded, and then rebounded.